The future of social media is mobile

Technology is constantly changing. Gone are the days were we used be glued to those big old dusty computer screens trying to see who “Shared the love” on Bebo with you. Even when social media sites such as Facebook came out first people had very limited access to their page unless they were at home on their sluggish computer or in my case the local library (Which seems funny looking back on it now).  Social media has definitely been the catalyst in creating such amazing phones like the ones  that we have today. It actually shocks me to see children as young as seven years of age walking around with phones worth over €600!! (I mean come on they barely even know how to spell their names never mind being able to use an advanced piece of technology). Click here for an article that I found to be very interesting in relation to this topic. The article shows us just how much social media has changed and that everyone has different needs and the social landscape is shifting accordingly.

Nowadays, people are obsessed with telling the world what they are doing. As a third level student who is on all major social media sites, I am constantly bombarded with (In my opinion “irrelevant”) Snapchats of peoples dogs, people on Instagram posting pictures of their dinners, on Twitter of people tweeting about what they do every second of every day!! Oh and of course we cant forget about Facebook where people feel its necessary  to put up statuses and post pictures of their “Fake” lives. In my opinion it has all been because of the huge craze that social media has created on mobile devices. I’ve read an article recently and I was amazed at how far social media on mobile devices has become already. There is currently 1.79 billion social network users worldwide!! Also it has been calculated that monthly minutes on Facebook through the US alone is a staggering 114.28 billion. Click here to see this article which is also filled with many other very interesting figures and statistics.

Below is a very interesting video about the revolution of social media in 2015. It shows us how fast technology and specifically social media has grown in such a short space of time. I would highly recommend that you watch it.

People are now moving away from sitting down at a computer looking through their social media sites. Everything is on the go these days. Social media and  technology are ruthless. Just like your news feed on Facebook, social media and mobile devices are constantly being updated and the old stuff (When I say old it may only be a few months old) is thrown away and forgotten about. I was recently in Dublin in Google’s European headquarters and their head of sales was telling me about how important mobile devices have become in all aspects of life. He was telling me that in a few years he can see normal computers being irrelevant and everything will be either on mobile or tablet.  The total population globally is 7.2 billion people. There is currently 1.685 billion active mobile  social accounts which means there is 23% penetration.

Another interesting article that I’ve read “11 predictions on the future of social media on mobile” shows us that there is currently 1.3 billion active Facebook users, Twitter boosts 270 million active users, each day 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube and 60 million photos are uploaded on Instagram. In this article also, they ask a few industry experts  their predications on the future of social media and they give some interesting responses.  I found the picture below to be very true in summing up what  mobile social media has turned people into.


Another article that I found to be very useful when looking into the whole topic of ” The future of social media is mobile” was titled ” Why smartphones are the future of social media” and you can find this article by clicking here. In this article it shows us that both Facebook and Twitter were accessed for longer on mobile instead of the old fashioned standard computer.  A report on this article also shows us that Apps drive the majority of engagement on mobile devices.

Overall in my opinion I feel strongly that the future of social media is mobile and the vast majority of stats online will back up my point. Everyone is getting more educated with technology and with the growing incomes of households etc nearly everyone can afford a smart phone. Also because of the improving quality of Wi-Fi connection more and more people are able to access their social media accounts 24/7. With the increasing pressures to update your social media statuses constantly (Which in a way seems ridicules )  and with the constant updates on all forms of social media it is making people want to have all of this updated information with them at all times in order to keep up to date with the latest news. It really does pave the way for mobile devices to satisfy those needs so in my opinion ” The future of social media is mobile”.

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