My App Idea

As part of our digital marketing module in college, we were asked to enter an App into the Apprentice competition which was going to happen around innovation week in the college. At first we were kind of overwhelmed at the thought of having to come up with an idea which had the potential to win but after a lot of trial and error we finally decided on what App we thought had the most potential.

My App idea is called the “Student Saver” App. A group of four CIT students ( Brian Bullman, Shane Connolly, Kevin Wyse and Sadie Buckley) came up with the idea for this App to enter into the APPrentice competition which was to take place in the Cork Institute of Technology. The image below shows the top section of the entry page for the APPrentice competition.




Our idea for this App was as follows: Students love offers/ deals and because students aren’t usually brand loyal we thought that this would be a great way to both help the shops/restaurants and also other local companies within close proximity to CIT to enhance their sales by being able to inform the CIT students of these offers/deals and upcoming events. It would also benefit students because this App would help them become more aware of where to get the best prices for the products and services that they need, So in truth everyone wins. The picture below shows a standard smart device which our App can be downloaded onto from the App store.



When students spend money in any of the shops or restaurants in CIT they will accumulate points. For every euro the student spends they get 1 point. Once they reach 100 points they will get a €5 voucher to spend in any of the shops/restaurants in CIT. They will be able to receive these points by scanning the receipts bar codes after they purchase their products. On this App also there will be a home page where students will be informed of the latest offers/deals in the CIT shops and restaurants which will be updated weekly. Also other local shops/restaurants/ bars etc can pay us to advertise their offers/deals and upcoming events on the App t0o. We believe that this App will be very appealing for them because we will be predominately focusing on their target market which is college students.


At the beginning this App will be exclusively in CIT but once it gets going and starts to expand we will be looking into introducing it into other colleges such as UCC . We believe that this App has huge potential and it could expand into a lot of places such as other colleges, sporting clubs etc. The video below shows the top 20 Apps of 2015 and it will give you a very clear idea of how important innovation and Apps have become in recent times. It is very important to note that every business should have an App in order to ensure that they don’t fall behind their competitors.


An interesting article that I have read backs up the point that Apps really are the way forward and the majority of people now use their mobiles to access stuff online and this is mainly through Apps, “89% of their time spent on media is through online Apps” (Bosomworth, 2015). This article also shows a lot of very interesting statistics on Apps and all the statistics really back up the point that everyone is turning to Apps these days and in order to get the consumers that they need and want it is very important to have an App for their product/services.

Another reason why we thought this App would be a good idea is because there is a huge potential target audience for this App once it expands outside CIT. A very interesting article that I read shows that in 2009 full-time undergraduates in Ireland was over 110,000 students. This figure 6 years on is probably even bigger than that. The article focuses on talking about the increasing numbers of full-time undergraduates in Ireland.

Another very important thing for people to note that are interested in this App is that research shows that shops will be able to give their customers a more personalised experience if they use a loyalty App scheme which is key to building customer loyalty. It says in an article  that I have read about customer loyalty that if you know who your customers are, what they bought and how much they spend, you can give them a more personalised experience. The article tells us about the reasons and benefits to why it is very important to use a loyalty App  for your business.


As this App is called the “Student Saver” and because it is a college App we believe that the people that will get the most benefit out of this App is CIT students. At the moment if you aren’t a CIT student you wont be able to avail  of the points accumulating system without  your CIT  student number but you can still download the App to see current offers, deals and events of shops/restaurants etc. Once the App gets up and running we will hopefully be looking into expanding the App into more colleges which will help make the target market even bigger. The video below shows how and why it is vital to communicate with your target audience. This video backs up my point that Apps really are the way forward and are great tools to help communicate with your target audience.

We also feel that the staff and owners of the shops and restaurants in CIT should download the App too because they will need to be Admins on the App to help have the offers and deals constantly up to date. We also feel that any potential businesses that might be interested in advertising their offers, deals and upcoming events on the App should download it also to see how other businesses are advertising on it and also to see how affective and beneficial it will be for them because they would be directly targeting their main target market which is students.

Thank you for reading my blog and feel free to like and share it and as always id love to hear your opinions on anything digital and of course for this blog in particular anything App related. Don’t forget to leave your opinion on this weeks poll which is about the importance of Apps in the future of business advertising/marketing. Next weeks blog is titled “The future of social media is mobile” so please stay tuned and I would appreciate it if you all could go and read that too.

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